Dentist in Brentwood

Dentist in Brentwood

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Dentist office in Brentwood

Choose our practice for you and your family because we offer both traditional, routine care as well as the benefits of technology to ensure optimal oral wellness. We are results-focused, using only proven and effective methods when it comes to our services, treatments, and procedures.

An initial oral examination and follow-up exams every six months are recommended for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. It’s the best way for our dentist in Brentwood to ensure that the effects of dental decay and gum disease either have very little or no effect at all on you. That includes a teeth cleaning, which serves to prevent future decay and gum disease, as well as reversing the effects of existing early-stage gum disease. And although you can count on fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, and extractions as needed, and done with expert care and gentle precision, our dentist in Brentwood is also pleased to let you know about our unique services. Among them are digital radiography. Old-fashioned x-rays do a good job, but they expose the patient to significant radiation. Now we can keep you and your children from that level of exposure, while also getting more vivid and detailed photos out of the process. Laser dentistry is also something we’re very excited about on your behalf. The use of this technology means more successful results, less pain, less healing, and in some cases less drilling or none at all. That’s something everyone can cheer. We also provide cosmetic treatment, including ClearCorrect for a straighter and better aligned smile. And if you snore or have sleep apnea, that is another issue we address. Emergencies are handled promptly. Simply contact our office and we will have you (or your child) seen as quickly as we can.

Our dentist in Brentwood and our entire staff looks forward to meeting your needs and preferences, now and in the future. Schedule an appointment with us right now.

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