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If you want to have a high degree of oral well-being, then there is no doubt about the importance of oral hygiene, good nutrition, and other health promoting strategies. Here at Brentwood Progressive Dental, we are dedicated to helping you, our valued patient, to have strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, pink gums both now and in the future.

Good oral hygiene and healthy habits are not something you can simply dabble in. They need to be addressed on a daily basis. It’s really simple, actually, once you establish a routine. First thing each day, brush your teeth. This is essential because dental plaque grows on your teeth while you are asleep. And if you don’t remove it, you are contributing to the erosion of your tooth enamel and the formation of cavities that will later be treated at our Brentwood dental office. The foods you eat and the beverages your drink either promote oral wellness or act to thwart it. Sugars include soda, cake, candy, and ice cream, of course; but also items that you may not realize have lots of sugar, such as ketchup, bottled salad dressings, and even supposedly “plain” boxed cereal (check labels). Starches have the same effect as sugars, so also keep an eye on your intake of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. Sugar and starch cause dental plaque to grow. Our Brentwood dental office recommends that you brush your teeth after meals, to leave plaque with as little time as possible to affect your teeth and your gums, for which irritation, inflammation, and infection are all possible. Flossing only need be done once per day, at bedtime, at which time you should also do a final brushing of your teeth.

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