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Teeth whitening in Brentwood

Brentwood Progressive Dental is a Brentwood dental office specializing in teeth whitening procedures, cosmetic and general dentistry and more. Located in Brentwood, CA, our office practices with a wide range of dentistry specializations such as Clear Correct braces, sleep apnea devices and veneers. Our doctors, Dr. Ila Mankad and Dr. Amor Tiburcio, are dedicated to helping patients achieve and optimal state of dental health.

Over time, substances like wine, coffee, and nicotine can discolor teeth as well as using certain medications and antibiotics. Our Brentwood dental office state of the art bleaching system is easy. We can perform your teeth whitening in our offices or give you a take home tray for at home use. We’ll first prepare your lips and gums with a special covering so that only the teeth are left exposed, allowing us to safely bleach your teeth without irritation. After we apply the whitening gel any stains are broken down. The entire procedure takes less than an hour, and patients are in and out of the office in just a few treatments. Total treatment time can take anywhere up to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of teeth bleaching needed.

Our Brentwood dental office also offers patients a take home bleaching system that patients can use on their own time. A custom made tray is tailor made to your teeth to ensure that the proper amount of bleach is applied. Patients are urged to follow proper oral health care habits and to keep teeth clean in order to minimize discolor. The best way to do this is by abstaining from substances that stain teeth and flossing, brushing, and having annual teeth cleanings done at our offices, which are open Monday through Friday and have easy to follow directions on our website, where patients can connect with our Brentwood dental office on Facebook and Google Plus as well.

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